1. awksbox:

    There are times late into the evening when I am filled with a melancholy wistfulness. A double cheeseburger and fries helps make that feeling go away.

    I’ve been feeling quite wistful of late. This feeling is directly correlated with an increase in cheeseburger consumption.

  2. HiRes hehehe

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  6. There are times late into the evening when I am filled with a melancholy wistfulness. A double cheeseburger and fries helps make that feeling go away.

  8. putthison:

    While people generally adhere to group norms for fear of disapproval or reprimand, anecdotal evidence and the occasional study suggest that high-status folk feel free to break rules—by eating with their mouths open, violating traffic laws, and expressing unpopular opinions. But how is nonconformity interpreted by others? Do we see it as a sign of status? New research, to be published next near in The Journal of Consumer Research, suggests that we do. The authors call the phenomenon the “red sneakers effect,” after one of them taught a class at Harvard Business School in her red Converse.

    The New Yorker: Why Mark Zuckerburg Gets Away With Hoodies


  9. deviantart:

    Batman’s a time lord? That would explain a lot…

    it’s simple, we kill the doctor!..no wait..batman! by nebezial



  10. yeahwriters:



    Avoid using semi-colons in fiction. Break the sentence into two instead.

    Nah, dude. Nah.


    If you think you should avoid using semicolons, then you don’t know how to use semicolons. Let me help you with that.



  12. M9D8Y13 Austin update one month out

    Cultural things I find jarring moving from norther places to Texas:

    1. In Texas, it is common to leave the car running (AKA idling). Because of the outside sun and radiating heat, if the driver turns the engine off (thereby dismissing the A/C), the cabin temperature immediately rises to 100+ Fahrenheit. Ergo instantly creating a motorized sauna. In light of this, I am looking to replace the leather seats with cedar benches and driving to work in a towel.
    2. The city of Austin has passed an ordinance banning the distribution of plastic grocery bags. Grocers are now requiring either paper bags or the use of reusable synthetic polymer fabric bags. I am currently in the process of networking an underground, plastic bag market.
    3. Due to astronomically astrological phenomena, the hottest time of the day occurs from five in the afternoon to seven in the evening. It seems my aversion to extraterrestrial radiation is well founded. I now venture out only in the early morning or late evening. I have placed the SOLAR ABSORPTION ECLIPSE INDUCTION ARRAY on the fast track. My minions tell me the project should be completed by next Tuesday.

  13. Greed. The problem lies therin being more and more things to fight and wage wars over.


  14. I just had a dream where I ordered 100 white socks from a dwarven sock factory.


  15. a part men

    Alone in this place
    that is mine
    I don’t feel at home.